Real Estate Success Starts with a Reality Check



You probably weren’t expecting a reality check, but here it is...

Like many Realtors, you are sitting on a potential gold mine that you are underutilizing and it is literally staring you in the face every day. In fact, you have invested a lot of money in your marketing materials and are still neglecting this area.

It is all around you and you aren’t tapping into it.

If you pull out your business card, your gold mine is staring at you.

If you pull up your website, your hidden treasure is glaring at you from your computer screen.

If you pull out any of your marketing materials, there is your undervalued asset begging and pleading to go to work for you and to help you generate more business and more referrals.

Have you figured out what it is? It’s your headshot.

Before you brush me off as some crackpot, let me tell you that the female Realtors who make the Top 250 list for selling the most real estate in the country are doing things with their headshots that you are not doing.

As the great motivational speaker Jim Rohn has said, “Success leaves clues,” and the top women in your field are dropping clues in their headshots that you are not.

How can I possibly know this? Well, I have analyzed hundreds of real estate headshots, written a white paper on the subject, and the research is included in Chapter 10 of my book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Makeover. I am also an image consultant who specializes in the real estate field - you probably didn’t even know that people like me existed and that this kind of help was available.


As a real estate agent, your image is the cornerstone tying all of your marketing together. Why would you neglect this critical piece? If I told you there was a typo on your business card, you would make a change immediately. You should look at your headshot the same way: you want it to correctly reflect you and your business.

The changes are so simple. You don’t need a Vogue photographer, a Heidi Klum body, or a Beyonce-hair-blowing fan to achieve the right image for this foundational piece of your marketing. These simple changes can be made by almost anyone, and they will elevate you, your marketing, and your business.

Because of all the research I’ve done on this topic, I would like to offer a W.O.W. Factor Review of your current headshot using the 18-point W.O.W. Factor checklist. As an additional bonus, I’ll review your current business card for W.O.W. factor as well. This exclusive checklist has been developed by looking at the top real estate agents in the country (as well as the unsuccessful agents, to learn what not to do).

A headshot that wows can help you to have:


After you provide a photo and answer a few simple questions, your W.O.W. Factor Review will be prepared. Then, in the privacy of your home or office, you can grab a coffee, sit comfortably at your work desk and open the email containing your completed review. Click “play” on the video and follow along as I walk you through the 18 points and deliver your final W.O.W. score. You also receive a printed report containing your checklist and comments as well as a subsequent phone consultation to have any of your questions answered.


Screenshots from Video Review





You have nothing to lose by getting your W.O.W. Factor Review; you’ll get great information to help you and your business for only $99. Click the button below to start get your W.O.W Factor Review started.


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